What Yohn Tags Are

Yohn Tags offer a new way to label items that get lost often and streamline their return to their owners.

Why Labeling Your Products with Yohn Tags Is a Good Idea

People lose stuff all the time and are always happy to get it back. Transform the unfortunate events of loss into happy moments of reunion and build an emotional connection between your customers and your products.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Yohn tags become a visible symbol of your commitment to customer care and innovation, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Additional Point of Contact

Yohn Tags activation process can be built into your website or app interface - use this opportunity to offer sign-up for newsletters, exclusive offers, and notifications, creating a direct and valuable connection.

Seamless Integration

There are 2 packages available - just the platform for creating unique QR codes for your labels and managing the return of lost & found items or the full-service package where we design and manufacture custom labels for you and maintain the platform ourselves.

No Hassle

Yohn Tags are hassle-free for manufacturers as the tags are set up by the end customers themselves.

Differentiate Your Brand

Stand out in the market by offering a unique and practical feature that sets your products apart from the competition. Position your products as the ones that people value, miss and are happy to get back in case of loss.

What Products Yohn Tags Work Best With:


Wallets & Purses

Tech Gadgets

Kids’ Apparel

Backpacks & Luggage



…other items that people often lose

How Yohn Tags work

Step 1

Join Yohn

Step 2

Print or order labels and attach them to your products

Step 3

Customer buys your product and activates the label

Step 4

In case of loss, label gets scanned and product returns to owner

Versatile Forms

Sew-on & iron-on labels

Sew-in labels

NFC buttons


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