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Instagram Link Shortener: the hows and whys of using short links on Instagram

Social media as a whole and Instagram in particular are essential tools for businesses and individuals willing to connect with their audience. However, the limited character count in Instagram posts and user bios can pose a challenge when it comes to sharing links. This is where URL shorteners come in handy. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of URL shorteners on Instagram and how Yohn.io can help you create and use your Instagram short URL.

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Instagram Link Shortener

BMW branded short URL

BMW using a branded short URL “b.mw” in their Instagram bio. You can also get creative and find a custom domain name to match your brand.

The Importance of Short Links on Instagram

Instagram limits the number of characters in captions and bio sections. This means that long URLs can take up valuable space and make captions look cluttered and unprofessional. Moreover, long URLs can be challenging to remember and type correctly, leading to lower click-through rates. A custom URL shortener for Instagram like Yohn.io can help overcome these challenges by creating short and memorable Instagram short links that are easy to share and track.

What is Yohn.io?

Yohn.io is a custom URL shortener that allows businesses and individuals to create branded short links for their website or social media profiles. With Yohn.io, users can create custom domains, track clicks, and even add retargeting pixels to their links. By using Yohn.io, businesses and influencers can improve their branding, track link performance, and increase click-through rates on Instagram.

increase your CTR

A custom short link for Instagram can significantly increase your CTR compared to long URLs and generic short links.

How to Use Yohn.io on Instagram

Using Yohn.io on Instagram is a straightforward process. Here's how you can create a branded short URL using Yohn.io:

  1. Sign up for a Yohn.io account and link a custom domain to Yohn.
  2. Paste the long URL you want to shorten into the "Create Short Link" field.
  3. (optional) Customize your short URL path with a relevant keyword or phrase.
  4. Copy the shortened link and paste it into your Instagram bio or caption.
  5. Track clicks and update your links as needed.

Businesses and influencers can use Yohn.io to create custom URLs for their Instagram profiles, track clicks on their links. In our service’s next releases we plan to also add the link-in-bio functionality as well as a feature that makes it possible to retarget users who click on Yohn links with relevant ads. Stay tuned!


If you made it this far in this article, thank you and congrats - here’s a rather unconventional recommendation on how else you can use Yohn on Instagram. Our URL shortener comes with a built-in QR code generator that helps transform links into QR codes, which then can be added to your images, reels or even posted separately in carousels. Now this may sound counterintuitive while people usually interact with Instagram on their mobile devices - and scan QR codes with cameras on mobile devices as well. However, don’t be in too much hurry to brush this idea off as weird. Remember, how many of your friends have multiple mobile devices at home? And how many could potentially ask another person (e.g. a friend or family member) to scan a QR code off the screen of their phone for them?

Moreover, QR codes offer a way to “watermark” your content to protect it from unauthorized use and to get some free clicks in case it gets stolen and published by someone else. May be worth giving a try to see whether it works for you!

URL shorteners like Yohn.io are an essential tool for businesses and individuals looking to improve their branding and increase click-through rates on Instagram. By creating short and memorable links, businesses can make the most of their limited character count and improve their overall social media marketing strategy. We encourage readers to try out Yohn.io for their own Instagram accounts and see the benefits firsthand.

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