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URL shortener for bloggers

Whether a hobby blogger or a pro influencer, any content creator posting on social media has probably got some experience using URL shorteners. But how does one use them correctly to leverage all of the benefits that URL shorteners for bloggers can offer? And, most importantly, how does one avoid the downsides, such as expiring or non-updatable links? Let's find out!

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URL shortener for bloggers

Let’s be honest, pasting an ugly long link the size of a whole paragraph of text into your post is obviously never a good idea. And sometimes it doesn’t even work at all - think of platforms with character limits. But there’s more than just that. Here are just a few of the benefits a blogger using a URL shortener like Yohn can count on:

Short Links with Analytics

The short links generated via Yohn come with tracking capabilities, allowing bloggers to measure the success of their posts and campaigns. For instance, a blogger can use tracking to measure the number of clicks on a specific blog post or affiliate link, learn which countries these clicks originated from, which devices the audience uses to browse his or her content to further optimise it or the site it’s linking to and much more.

Branded Short Links

Short links can help bloggers maintain their brand by customizing the links to reflect their brand or blog name. For example, a blogger named John Smith can create a short link like jsmith.blog/shortlink. Looks more professional than a generic URL, for sure.

Avoiding Link Decay

Short links can help bloggers avoid the risk of link decay or broken links, as they can update the destination of a short link if the original URL changes. This can ensure that followers and readers always find the intended content, even if the original URL is no longer valid. This feature can be especially helpful for evergreen content, such as a "start here" page or resource library.

Step up your blogging game with custom short links, analytics and more. Sign up for a free Yohn trial now!

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