Yohn.io: The Ultimate Digital Business Card Platform for Enterprises

Eliminate the hassle of printing and maintaining business cards for your entire team.

Yohn.io seamlessly integrates with your Google Workspace Directory or HR software to generate digital business cards for all employees within minutes and always keep them up to date.

Here's a preview of our digital business cards:

Business Cards Reimagined

Your team members no longer need to carry physical business cards everywhere they go.

Yohn's digital business cards are conveniently stored on their smartphones as Apple/Google Wallet cards or accessible via a clean and straightforward landing page with all the necessary contact information and a contact form.

Even better, recipients can effortlessly import contact details into their phone's Contacts list with a quick QR code scan or by simply clicking a button.

Test Yohn.io in Action

Three Distinct Business Card Formats

With or without custom branding. A digital business card that is always in your pocket wherever you go.
Apple Wallet / Google Wallet

Share instantly with a QR code that can be used anywhere - in your email signature, on LinkedIn background image, in print materials, etc.
Apple Wallet / Google Wallet

Present your contact information elegantly, schedule calls, collect feedback or contact details from other people and much more!
Apple Wallet / Google Wallet
Apple Wallet / Google Wallet

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

  • Generate business cards for your entire team within minutes and always keep them up to date by syncing with your HR software.
  • Save money: digital business cards are cheap and don't need to be reprinted over and over again.

  • Always have your digital business card with you on the screen of your smartphone.
  • Easily share your digital business card with a quick QR code scan.
  • Never run out of cards or worry about keeping them updated.

  • 80% of traditional business cards are thrown away within 1 week of being exchanged. Digital cards are not. Reduce paper waste and your carbon footprint.
  • Demonstrate your business' commitment to sustainability.

  • Update your contact details in real-time.
  • Create custom versions of digital business cards adapted to events, conferences or even customer segments.

  • Impress clients and prospects with a modern and technology-savvy image.
  • Save your prospects' time by letting them save your contact data with just one scan.
  • Track user engagement (if you go for dynamic QR codes) and adjust your networking strategies accordingly.
  • Stand out in the digital age.

Your Digital Business Card, Your Way


  • Unlimited branded links, redirects & QR codes
  • Connect own domains
  • Data analytics
  • Limited file hosting
  • Up to 5 vCards
  • Multi-factor authentication
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    Free for 7 days, then 29€/Month

    Yohn+ Corporate

    • Everything in Yohn+ and
    • Unlimited file hosting
    • Unlimited vCards
    • SSO
    • Multiple user seats
    • Import vCard data from Google Workspace
    • Whitelabel control panel
      Yohn Enterprise

      • Everything in Corporate and
      • Can be hosted in your company's own AWS account
      • Dedicated support
      • Import vCard data from any HR software / CRM

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        A digital business card (aka electronic business card) is the virtual representation of a regular visiting card. A digital business card is designed to simplify sharing and exchanging contact information online, as well as during face-to-face meetings. These cards come in many possible formats; for instance, Yohn.io offers electronic business cards as simple QR codes, branded cards for Google/Apple Wallet, as well as landing pages.

        Sure! We offer demo business cards available as landing pages and Google/Apple Wallet cards - free for 7 days! Simply go to our free vCard QR code generator, type in the contact information you need your free digital business card to contain, and we will send you your QR code (that will never expire) along with a Yohn-branded demo mobile wallet card and a landing page. Feel free to test-drive the mobile wallet card and the LP at no cost for 7 days.

        No, neither you nor the people you want to share your digital business card with will need an app. Yohn's business cards are either stored in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet or published on the Web as landing pages. The recipients, in their turn, will simply need to point their smartphone camera at the QR code on your electronic card, and a new contact will be created on their phone or they will be redirected to your personal landing page - depending on the settings you choose.

        One option is to distribute it exactly as you would distribute your traditional business card - at meetings and events. The only difference is that the recipient doesn't get a card to keep. Instead, they simply scan the QR code on the screen of your smartphone, which creates a new contact on their phone or sends them to your personal landing page - whichever you choose.

        However, there are more options than just that. Yohn.io's digital business cards also come in the form of QR codes, which can be shared in a number of different ways. You can insert this code into your email signature, LinkedIn background image or even your company's TV commercial, post it on your website, print a dedicated sales representative's personal QR code on the company's brochures or print mail, put the QR code on a yard sign next to a house offered for sale if you are a real estate agent... The options are manifold!

        Yohn's digital business card is a top fit for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Contact us if you just need an electronic card just for yourself - we not only offer Yohn.io to companies but also have special single-user plans for freelancers and other solo professionals.

        You can customize your digital business card design with your logo and a header image (1125x432px for Apple, 1032x336px for Android). The header image may contain your slogan, a list of the services you offer, or any other combination of graphic and text information you like. Moreover, we offer a number of generic designs that you can go for if you don't want to bother photoshopping a header image for your digital business card. We're also working on further design & customization options, including new color schemes, card templates, icons, etc., which will be released in the near future.

        Free demo digital business cards offered by Yohn.io expire in 7 days after being generated. The premium cards remain valid as long as your subscription is active. The vCard QR codes generated with the help of our free VCF-to-QR code generator will never expire.

        If you and the recipient of your digital business card both have smartphones (iPhone XR or later or any modern smartphone running on Android), then, yes, the card will work just fine for both of you.

        If you're using Yohn+ or a single-user Yohn cards license, then contact us by email or using the form on our website, and we will update your digital business card for you for free. Corporate and Enterprise users don't need to worry about the contact information staying up-to-date at all if they have HR software/Google Workspace Directory sync enabled - all digital business cards in their account will update automatically should any information change.

        While connecting on LinkedIn is a valid option for post-networking event interactions, it comes with certain limitations. Firstly, not everyone you converse with is on LinkedIn, making the connection attempt potentially ineffective. Secondly, some individuals may not use LinkedIn regularly or keep their profiles updated, leading to confusion. Additionally, not all LinkedIn users have the app installed on their phones. Opting for a platform-independent virtual business card eliminates these restrictions, making it easier to exchange contact information with people.