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Branded Redirect Links: 5 Use Cases To Learn From and Boost Your Marketing with Yohn.io

Enhancing brand visibility is crucial for businesses in today's competitive market and branded redirect links can play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the concept of branded redirect links, discuss their importance in your marketing strategy, and present six creative ways to use them with Yohn.io, a custom URL shortener.

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5 Use Cases To Learn From and Boost Your Marketing with Yohn.io

What Is a Branded Redirect Link?

A branded redirect link is a customized short URL that incorporates your brand name or domain. This type of URL not only makes your links more recognizable and memorable but also provides a consistent and professional brand experience across various marketing channels. Yohn.io enables you to create, update, and manage these branded short URLs while offering powerful analytics to track their performance.

Virgin short link domain

Here’s an example of how Virgin Atlantic uses their own branded short link domain, virg.in, in their Twitter posts. Would be even cooler if they customized the URL path as well, with the link from this post looking like “virg.in/engineer”, for instance.

How Branded Redirect Links Improve Your Marketing

Increased brand awareness

Branded redirect links prominently display your brand name, making it easier for your audience to identify and remember your business. For example, instead of using a generic short link like "yo.hn/123456," you can create a branded link such as "yourbrand.co/sale" that leaves a lasting impression.

Improved click-through rates

Research indicates that branded links generate up to 34% higher click-through rates than generic short URLs. By using branded redirect links, you're more likely to encourage users to click on your content and explore your offerings.

Better tracking and analytics

Yohn.io allows you to analyze click data and other metrics, enabling you to identify the most effective marketing campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly. For instance, by monitoring the performance of branded links across different social media platforms, you can determine which channels drive the most traffic and engagement.

Consistent brand experience

Branded redirect links help maintain a cohesive brand image throughout your marketing efforts. By using branded URLs in all marketing materials, you ensure that your audience consistently associates your content with your brand, thereby reinforcing brand recall and loyalty.

Branded redirect links: Use Cases

Social media profiles

Incorporate branded redirect links in your social media bios and posts to drive traffic to your website, blog, or promotional content. For instance, use "yourbrand.co/blog"  instead of a generic short link to direct users to your latest blog post.

Desenio short link

Desenio giving a masterclass in what a trustworthy branded short link should look like.

Sales & Special Offers

Promote limited-time offers or discounts using branded links, making it easier for customers to remember and share the promotion. Instead of a generic short URL, use a branded link like "yourbrand.co/christmas" to create buzz around your offer.

Recurring Content

Establish a consistent brand presence by creating branded links for recurring content like newsletters, webinars, or podcasts. For example, use "yourbrand.co/podcast" to encourage users to tune in to your regular podcast series.

Company Resources

Share internal resources, such as training materials or company guidelines, using branded links to reinforce your brand identity. A link like "yourbrand.co/training" not only looks professional but also boosts brand recognition among employees and stakeholders.

PR & Sales Collateral

Include branded redirect links in your press releases, media kits, sales presentations, brochures, or email signatures to increase credibility and provide a seamless brand experience for potential clients. For example, use "yourbrand.co/pressrelease" to direct journalists and readers to your latest press release or news update.

Why Choose Yohn as Your Go-To Custom Link Shortener?

Yohn.io, powered by AWS, offers unbeatable uptime, high redirect speeds, and low running costs. With Yohn, you can effortlessly create QR codes, vCards, and share files using branded links, making your marketing efforts more efficient and powerful. Additionally, Yohn's user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience while managing and tracking your branded redirect links.

Incorporating branded redirect links into your marketing strategy is an effective way to improve brand visibility, increase click-through rates, and provide a consistent brand experience. With Yohn.io, you can craft compelling redirect links and make the most of the platform's powerful link-shortening and tracking features. As seen in the examples above, using Yohn.io for branded redirect links can elevate your marketing game and help your business stand out in a crowded market. So, why wait? Start using Yohn.io today and unlock the full potential of branded redirect links for your marketing campaigns.

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