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QR Code Analytics: Tracking and Measuring Success with Yohn.io

QR codes are everywhere. You see them on product packaging, business cards and flyers, in TV commercials and YouTube videos. You open up restaurant menus and place orders with their help and can even pay for products by simply pointing your smartphone camera at a QR code.

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However, what many users (even marketing professionals) might not realize is that QR code scans can be tracked and analyzed for valuable insights. After all, a QR code is often just a link encoded into a graphic form - and you know how to track link clicks if you work in marketing, right?

In this article, we'll explore the hidden potential of QR code analytics and showcase how Yohn.io’s QR code generator goes beyond basic code creation to offer robust analytics features.

Understanding QR Code Analytics

To begin, let's unravel the significance of QR code analytics. In essence, it involves tracking and analyzing the data generated by QR code scans. This valuable information provides businesses with insights into consumer behavior, helping them make informed decisions to enhance their marketing strategies. Yohn.io provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of QR code analytics.

How Do I Track QR Code Scans?

So, would you like to understand how your QR codes are performing? How many people scanned that code on your product wrapping or on the flyer you mailed to them? Let’s see how Yohn.io can help you do that.

Option 1: Yohn.io's Built-In Analytics System

One of the standout features of Yohn.io’s QR code management platform is its built-in analytics system. Exclusively available in Yohn.io's premium plans, this system allows users to access click statistics for each QR code directly within their Yohn.io user dashboard. The convenience of having these insights readily available streamlines the tracking process, providing users with a quick and comprehensive overview of the performance of their QR codes.

Yohn+ plan includes just a few analytics widgets - you can view QR scans by day, geo and referrer. The Corporate and Enterprise plans support fully customizable reports and analytics dashboards that allow you to see truly granular data

Option 2: Tracking with UTM Parameters

For users willing to track the performance of their QR codes in Google Analytics or other analytics platforms, Yohn.io offers an alternative method for tracking QR code scans that involves UTM parameters. Yes, nothing new here - simply tag your destination URL with UTMs like you normally do and then convert this URL into a QR code. Voila - each time a user scans the QR code (aka visits the encoded URL), they will be attributed to exactly the source, medium and campaign you need them to be attributed to.

While this can be done with the free version of Yohn.io, it comes with certain limitations. It's crucial to note that encoding long links directly into QR codes is discouraged due to their complexity (which may make them more difficult to scan) and lack of updateability. This method serves as a viable option for basic tracking but may not provide the benefits of our dynamic QR codes included into all premium plans.

The Power of Dynamic QR Codes

Now, let's delve into the power of dynamic QR codes, a feature available with each of Yohn.io's paid plans. Dynamic QR codes are not only simple and easy to scan but also allow users to update their destination URLs as needed. Created with the help of Yohn.io's URL shortener, these dynamic QR codes contribute to a seamless and flexible user experience. This feature ensures that your QR codes remain relevant and adaptable to evolving business needs.

The benefits of QR codes extend far beyond conveniently sharing information. By leveraging the QR code analytics features offered by Yohn.io, businesses can make data-driven decisions that enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Whether using the built-in analytics system for comprehensive insights or dynamic QR codes with UTM tags for flexibility and integration with your current analytics tools, Yohn.io empowers users to stay ahead in the dynamic world of QR code marketing.

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