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Twitter URL Shortener: When to Use a Third-Party Link Generator

No more Twitter character struggles when posting URLs! Recent updates automatically truncate any shared URL to about 25-30 characters, saving space for your message. While Twitter's built-in URL shortener works for most, a third-party tool like Yohn offers added benefits like tracking link clicks, maintaining branding and more.

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Twitter URL Shortener: Status Quo

If you're an avid Twitter user, you're already well aware that tweets have a new maximum length of 4,000 characters. Well, at least, if you are a Twitter Blue subscriber based in the US - for the rest of the crowd the old 280-character limit remains in place for the time being.

And if you’re still looking for a way to make link shorter for Twitter because you don’t want it eating up the character count of your message, then… Good news! It looks like one of the recent updates solves this problem, making even the built-in Twitter URL shortener, t.co, a thing of the past. As of now, any URL you’re sharing in your tweet, no matter how long it is, appears to be chopped off (visually) at about 25-30 characters. Here's what it looks like:

Twitter displays only the first chunk of the link

For most users, this is the solution they need and, best of all, it’s super-simple to use: whenever you paste a URL into your tweet, Twitter automatically displays only the first chunk of the link saving you valuable characters for your message. So, in general, it does the job just fine for most of us.

Using Third-Party URL Shorteners on Twitter

Yes, there are still situations when a third-party URL shortener might be a better option. For instance, if you want to track and analyze your link clicks, maintain your company's branding, or create a custom short link that looks trustworthy and is easy to memorize, you might want to consider using a custom Twitter link shortener like Yohn.

Coca-Cola custom short URL

Branded short links can be especially useful for businesses and authors looking to maintain a consistent image across their online presence. For example, big brands like Nike and Coca-Cola use custom short URLs in their tweets to reinforce their brand identity. Similarly, authors and influencers can use branded short URLs to make their content more recognizable and shareable.

When it comes to click analytics, a custom Twitter link shortener may also come in handy. Do you want to know, how many times a URL you tweeted was clicked by your readers? Simply create a short link for Twitter using Yohn.io and view the detailed click data in your dashboard. In summary, while Twitter's new built-in URL shortening model is sufficient for most users, there are cases where a third-party short link generator can offer additional benefits. By using a custom URL shortener, you can track and analyze link clicks, maintain your company's branding, and create short links that look more trustworthy and memorable. So next time you need to shorten a Web link for Twitter, consider Yohn!

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