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What Is a Digital Business Card: Overview and Benefits

Whether you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, tech-savvy professional or innovator, corporate professional, extra busy executive, or another person in need of constantly keeping your business cards with you and giving them away numerous times a day - don’t you sometimes get tired of the endless cycle of printing and managing traditional business cards for yourself or maybe for your entire team? Wouldn’t you be glad to say goodbye to all the hassle?

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Digital business cards

‘Sure as hell I would, but…

…what is a digital business card, actually?’ 

A digital business card is a modern alternative to traditional paper business cards. Instead of physical copies, they exist only in a digital format, typically stored in a smartphone or accessible online. Digital business cards contain the same essential contact information as their paper counterparts, such as name, job title, company, phone number, email, and website. 

Instead of carrying around a heap of physical paper cards, you can now store your personal or business contact information digitally, in your smartphone or online, and share it during networking events or by sending it directly to the recipient by email, in a messenger, etc.

‘Sure, but… 

…how exactly do I hand out my digital business cards?’

Easy! One approach involves sharing them much like you would with traditional business cards - during meetings and events. However, instead of handing over a physical card, offer the recipient to scan the QR code displayed on your smartphone screen. This action either adds you as a contact in their phone or directs them to your personalized landing page (depending on your preferences).

QR scanning

Yet, there are numerous other avenues to explore. Since digital business cards can manifest as QR codes, the possibilities of sharing them are manifold. You can integrate the code into your email signature, incorporate it into your LinkedIn background image, or feature it in your company's YouTube commercials. Additionally, you might display it on your website, print it on brochures or direct mail for your sales team, or even affix it to a yard sign alongside a property listing if you're a real estate agent.

Ease of sharing is not the only benefit of digital business cards, by the way - here are a few other reasons why they offer more value than regular business cards:

  • They are environmentally friendly (no need to waste any paper).
  • They are updateable, which means that you can edit your contact details any time you want (in case your phone number changes, or an extra social media page needs to be included) - all without having to reprint all your old business cards, yay!
  • Tracking and analytics are also supported - you can actually see how many times the recipients of your digital business card scanned the QR code or clicked the links on it, which allows you to monitor the efficiency of your campaigns or reward the most hard-working sales managers, for instance.
  • Electronic business cards can include lots of additional information, such as social media profiles or portfolios (artists and designers rejoice!!!)
  • You have no chance of losing a virtual business card. 
  • E-business cards always look professional.

Picture this: your team members no longer lug around stacks of physical business cards. Instead, team members store their digital business cards in smartphones as Apple Wallet or Google Wallet cards. Even better, recipients can effortlessly import contact details with a quick QR code scan or with a simple click of a button.

‘Sounds great, how do I get myself a digital business card then?’  

Switch to digital business cards with Yohn.io!

Yohn.io is a modern platform for enterprises and entrepreneurs, offering smart digital solutions for big and small businesses, freelancers, artists, designers, real estate agents and other individuals in need of sharing their contact details with a wide range of people, on a wide range of occasions.

Yohn.io seamlessly integrates with your Google Workspace Directory or HR software, revolutionizing the method of managing business cards. Within minutes, it generates digital business cards for all your employees, ensuring they are always up-to-date.

Digital business card

Yohn.io offers three distinct business card formats to suit any personal or professional needs:

  1. Apple Wallet / Google Wallet: A digital business card always in your pocket (with or without custom branding)
  2. VCF File / QR Code: Instantly share your contact details anywhere - in your email signature, on social media, or on printed cards, leaflets, and other promotional materials
  3. Simple Landing Page: Present your information elegantly and collect feedback or contact details from others - with the opportunity to get it straight into your CRM system, if you want.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to catch up with the realities of a digital age while saving time, money, and the environment. Go to Yohn.io today to see what a digital business card looks like, and sign up for your FREE TRIAL.

The future is already knocking on your door!

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